I have one more wish, Dad. That we could have danced together. I know lately I have wished a lot. But trust me, when I celebrate Daddy’s day, even when you are not there anymore.. I still wish..I should have danced with you.

So, I hope you are dancing in the sky. Heaven knows how much you never knew how to  dance, but who knows? I would have made a start!

They say I took after you dad. The little dimple on my left cheek. Or the red eye when I get into a dusty room. That I freak out when it doesn’t go my way, or when I forget to pick my key in the morning. Or just when my shoes are not where I left them to dry.

By the way, Dad, I joined salsa. I love dancing salsa, yes. But how much better if you were around? Just to say, “You doing great! Ha ha watch your steps, or you will have no steps to watch at all”

The angels must have realized what a gift they got, when I lost you. I know you look down to me, I promise to keep you proud.

(from your ever-grieving daughter)<a href="http://Dancing“>